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The DriveThruRPG Sales Guide


Huge Discounts on DRIVETHRURPGThis week's discounts and deals on RPGs, Adventures, Maps, and more! Check out the latest offers from our publisher partners!

Huge Discounts on your Favorite RPGs at DriveThruRPG!

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ILLL - Intergalactic Lucha Libre League

MSRP: £6.11
Deal price: £2.44 (60% off)
Deal of the Day
Playing Hero World

The Super Powered Wrestling Adventure/Simulator!

Intergalactic Lucha Libre League is a game about creating shared stories and universe with your friends. It's not about how many dice you roll for that Slam, but when, why and how your character lifted up his rival. It's the classic good and evil s...


Go beyond the Shadow with the Victims of the Demon Lord series! Each installment gives you lore and extensive tables to help you develop rich and detailed backgrounds for your characters. Now on sale!

Schwalb Entertainment  


November is NaNoWriMo month. 

Have fun playing games with your setting, character, plots, theme, dialogue, and storyline with these generators, communicators, and engines.

Need a new storyline? Try creating several with Flash RPG via a microfiction base. And then toss or save the other storylines

Don't just create one character. Create a pile of characters ideas and then elimate the boring ones.

Try the dialogue engine to explore that new character.



25% OFF Everything!

All our products - from fonts to solo adventures, from adventures to core rules - are 25% discounted through October 2018!  


Halloween Sale! All scary, spooky or horriffic tracks are now on sale until Halloween! oooOOOooo!  

October is a great month for horror gaming ... and to celebrate, we're reducing the price of the core Dateline: Lovecraft newspaper prop set for the whole of the month.

Make sure to also drop by Cthulhu Reborn's publisher page to grab Pay-What-You-Want add-on material to supplement Dateline: Lovecraft with even more ready-to-use material to help enhance your games of Lovecraftian investigative horror.

Cthulhu Reborn  

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with villains? Enjoy my collection of villains for your campaign, at 75% off!

Zargo Games  

All October enjoy 50% off the zombie survival RPG "The Living!"

BTD Press  


Tiger Paw Press Halloween sale

30% off all titles older than 30 days



To celebrate the upcoming release of the next free content expansion, Lords of Darkness, all Die Screaming products are 66% off until November 8.


For Gold and Glory Appreciation sale. 80% off!

Mad Martian Games  


To celebrate that we at Free League are now handling the sales of all our products at DriveThruRPG (instead of Swedish only), we want to invite you to a two week sale. Until Saturday October 27, all Free League products are 25% off, including the Symbaroum game line, newly added after our merger with Järnringen. Whether you are into space operas, dark fantasy, adventures after the great Apocalypse or scifi mysteries in an alternate 1980s, we have something to tickle your fancy!


I wrote this adventure to commemorate my 50th birthday and, while not as auspicious as a 111st birthday, I felt my half century mark deserved a celebratory dungeon crawl! It's on sale until 26 OCT for only $5.00!!

Starry Knight Press  


Terran Empire Publishing is having a 50% off Sale! 

Terran Empire Publishing  


Complete you collection of Diego Pisa Artworks's goodies, see ya!

Diego Pisa Artworks  

Get grim-dark for All Hallows Eve!


Children of the Fall is on sale now! Save 30%

Frenzy Kitty Games  


Happy harvest and happy Halloween!

We're offering all of our core books, campaigns, adventures and accompanying maps for 30% off! Come check out Saga: the Game and be a hero!

Saga the Game  


Get Selected Iron Realm Titles at a fraction of the usual price.  Happy Halloween!

The Iron Realm  


Dungeon Smash! Sale

Go green and smash during our Dungeon Smash Sale!  For four days dozens of titles of will be available for $2!  Smash your way through dark dungeons, wild wildernesses, and more!  Complete RPG's incuding our newest d66 Adventure.


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